Brilliant: Open Culture digs up the perfect Japanese word for our “guilt pile” of unread materials. Best approached with another untranslatable Japanese concept, wu-wei.



the flawless diversity of fox news anchors

i though they’re all the same person??

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a public service announcement


You will only end up with mud on your palette and tears on your face

I continue to disagree with this post every time I see it.

Pthalo green is ugly.

The difference between the two color groups is that the first (and better if I do say so myself) group are earth colors made of naturally occurring pigments. The second group are modern, lab created pigments.

There’s nothing wrong with either, but they do have seriously different effects.

Pale Blue Dot / [x]

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“We need to move: from a spirituality of alienation from the natural world to a spirituality of intimacy with the natural world, from a spirituality of the divine as revealed in words to a spirituality of the divine as revealed in the visible world about us..” 

~ Thomas Berry

Artist: Tanielle Childers

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